Activities at camp north tour

Unique Dogsledding Adventure

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Tommy and his incredible dogs have maybe lived here forever. He knows them very well and they know him, love him and trust him, too. They also know the area, every hill, every path, every single tree.

And they are no ordinary dogs.
They are a unique team of racing dogs, with the experience in some of the most challenging dogsledding races in the world.

Just for a short while, leave behind the city rush of Tromsø and join this cheerful group. Come to our secluded valley and let them carry you farther into the wild. Look around and enjoy the magic. During this unique ride you will hear Tommy’s stories of his life with the dogs.

Morning tour will show you the beautiful landscape of our magical valley. Evening tour might show you the aurora, if you're lucky!


Price: 1890 NOK per person
Pick-up point: I Travel Kvaløya, Kaigata 3, Tromsø
Pick-up time:
- Morning: 9:00
- Evening: 16:00
- the tour includes about 40 minutes of dogsledding
- the whole tour lasts a few hours
Included in the price:
- a unique dogsledding tour with our experienced musher
- transportation from and back to Tromsø
- warming drinks and sweet snacks at the camp
- warm clothing for the ride in the cold arctic landscape

Summer Island Tour


Our Summer Island Tour will introduce you to the unique landscape of the area with its richly developed coastline, its fjords, peninsulas and islands. See the sea water changing its depth and colour from bright turquoise to dark, navy blue. Look at the moss-covered hills in the shades of green and red.

Travel through the areas where you'll have a chance to see the reindeer, look out for the eagles and maybe even meet the moose family living on Kvaløy, the Whale Island. Learn about the local ways of living, the old traditions, the calm life of fishing villages in the past and present.

We find it very important that you have a great experience during the trip. Our great guides will tell you about the area, local nature and culture. You can always ask questions, chat and really get to know the places that you are visiting.


Price: 1190 NOK per person
Pick-up point: I Travel Kvaløya, Kaigata 3, Tromsø
Pick-up time: 9:00, 16:00
Duration: 4-5 hours
Included in price:
- transportation
- guiding
- snacks
- hot drinks
- photos from the trip sent to all the guests

In the Pursuit of Aurora

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TJoin us on the deck of our exclusive, black bus. We will start from the centre of Tromsø and we will follow the clear sky.
When the Aurora decides to begin its dance, in order to see this mysterious phenomenon we need the sky clear of clouds and light pollution.
Our experienced guides will tell you about the Aurora so that you could understand it a little better. They will also answer your questions about the area and the North of Norway.
The tour includes hot drinks and snacks.
We will take you from and back to the centre of Tromsø.


Price: 1490 NOK per person
Pick-up point: I Travel Kvaløya, Kaigata 3, Tromsø
Pick-up time: 18:30
Duration: 5-6 hours
Included in price:
- transportation
- guiding
- snacks
- hot drinks
- photos from the trip sent to all the guests

a few more words about the camp…

Epic scenery, stunning adventures and local culinary tones.

We spend the cold evenings in our wooden camp. That’s the place, where we share our time by the warm, cosy fireplace. All our guests are welcome in the cabin.

This is the place where you can enjoy the breakfast and dinner, tea or hot chocolate. Our guides will always be available to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

The natural experience

Camp North Tour adds a lot of comfort to the natural ways of living, but you must be aware that it is a real arctic experience and does not provide all the comforts of a conventional hotel. We provide shared, heated bathrooms, but there are no showers at the site.

All the guests who are staying at the camp for more than one night will be transported to a place where they can take a warm, comfortable shower.

Special wishes?

Based on what you’d like to do, we can organise some activities for you. They are not included in the package that you have booked, but they might be a great way to spend your time here and learn a bit about the area. Just tell us what interests you and how you’d like to spend this time.



Our branded bus will pick up you and your party and drive you safely to your destination and / or safari. North Tour only use local drivers which knows the roads and conditions. For your safety.



For everyone to have a good experience we have a maximum baggage size (limited to what you can bring in overhead compartments of a commerical airline). In metric the maximum size is equivalent to: 55x40x23 cm


Great guides

You’ll get to explore places you can’t otherwise access, or do things you can’t do on your own. You will learn about the culture and history of the place on a deeper level and from a local’s perspective.


Tailor-made activities

Every tour is private and customizable to your desire. If you or your group have any special interests let us know and we will put together an activity to suit your expectation!